Saturday, 1 June 2013

The 1st of June is for planning and tanning

Blog everyday in May was a total success as far as I am concerned; Jenni came up with some great prompts that kept everyone inspired and she read our minds, throwing in a few easy days, just when we needed them the most! 

And now I am staring into the black hole that is June and I feel anxious. I set the standard in May with a post, if not two, everyday. So there is only one way June is ever going to to be able to live to those expectations and thats by PLANNING

I always start planning posts for the week ahead, so I have a foundation to work on, but I seem to never stick to or develop said plan - which is quite odd since I am a very organised and methodical person by nature. But one thing I learnt from the May challenge is that prompts and planning are the key to success. And that the smallest thing can spark the biggest inspiration. 

So today I am getting well and truly organised and filling my notebook with ideas, prompts and words that could inspire me later on in June and I will even try to come up with some solid posts ahead of time. Fingers crossed on that one. 

Oh and I am heading to the beach for tanning. Well tanning is part of the planning process, all in the name of research. I am testing some great products as mentioned earlier, and since they are sun-care related, the beach is the best place for them. 

*I was about to paste the html for the blog everyday in May badge and then remembered it's not May*

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