Monday, 3 June 2013

beauty: Body Shop Cool BB cream & Vitamin C Moisturiser

So a few weeks back, the lovely ladies at Body Shop Cyprus invited me along to learn about some of their products, perfect for summer. 

The Vitamin E Cool BB Cream* was one that I was most excited to get my hands on mainly because my face has been doing the rounds of many other BB creams of late. And as Cyprus is starting to get pretty HOT, I wanted to see what this cool thing was all about. 

I think I was expecting more of a menthol hit like other "cooling" products and instead I got a soft and fresh feeling which is probably a much gentler way to incorporate such a thing into a make-up product.

Now let's talk about coverage, a big sticking point for me with any product. I found it's super light texture really stood up for itself and covered my uneven, oily skin and even did a decent job of covering the blemishes on my cheeks. 

And for only one shade, it has a great blending ability, something which is perfect as my face starts to change colour with the sunshine. It eliminates my need to buy 5 different shades of foundation for the summer!

One thing I learnt early on as an expat in Cyprus is that SPF is your new best friend. The Vitamin C Moisturiser with SPF 30* is one of those products that will become invaluable in my summer beauty routine as it's packed with protection including UVA/UVB.

So yeh, your face will pretty much thank you for it 40 years down the line when your [almost] wrinkle free. 

Sometimes sun-care products are a bit heavy and oily for my combination skin to handle. Not this one. The texture is rich but not greasy and it sinks into my skin like a dream. And then there's the smell. The scent of a product is really important to me, especially when it's on my face and so close to my nose. 

I have to say the first sniff of this stuff and I was a bit dubious but the vitamin c element of this moisturiser really brought a fresh, citrusy aroma that grew on my as the mornings went on. 

I started testing just over a week ago. It worked perfectly as a daily moisturiser and still stood up the harshness of the beach with no pink, sore skin in sight. There was one negative about this product. By the end of the day, my make-up had started sliding, but I don't know if this is down to the product or the heat in Cyprus! 

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