Thursday, 6 June 2013

when Primark met ASOS

I had heard a rumor from a friend "in the know" shall we say, that ASOS were going to start stocking Primark. Yes you read that right. 

Primark, the UK high streets, somewhat bottom line brand that has caused controversy yet maintained a huge appeal due to its affordability, has now joined the fashion holy grail that is  ASOS. 

The offering is pretty small with just 25 pieces, but I guess it's a starting collection and will grow depending on how it is received by the ASOS crowd. They have, however, covered all bases with the Primark must haves; skinny jeans, denim shorts and shirts, printed T-shirts and dresses. No accessories just yet ladies but let's wait and see what the future holds. 

In the meantime head on over to ASOS to find a little piece of Primark waiting just for you. 

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  1. Hey this is great. I love Asos. Love the first dress. I am going to head on over and write up a wish list.


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