Sunday, 16 June 2013

well travelled beauty products.

Every time I go to London, I say I am not going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on beauty products and every time I return with a suitcase filled to the brim. 

The thing is, beauty products in Cyprus are kinda pricey and they don't have the selection that I am used to. So it seems like the practical thing to do; to spend a months wages in Boots once a year ( I am exaggerating about a months wages by the way).

One of the brands I recently fell in love with is Simple. Their products are designed for people with sensitive skin and have no fussy smells and are super gentle. Recently my skin has been behaving a bit erratically, something to do with the hotter weather I think and I noticed more breakouts than usual. So I picked up these two. Oil Balancing Face Scrub and Moisturiser.

They are working wonders; the scrub is gentle enough to use everyday, but really makes my combination skin feel squeaky clean while the moisturizer is the perfect balancing base for make up, especially when its summer in Cyprus. No oily messy face thank you very much!

Now Soap & Glory is a brand I have been loyal to for a while, mainly because their packaging is so cute. But they do put out fantastic products also! I have been using the hand food since I discovered the yummy smell and the smooch operator balm seems to be the only thing that sorts my dry lips out. 

The Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss is a gorgeous natural colour and a great gloss thats not too gloopy, while the Thick & Fast Mascara is the only mascara I have found to rival my love for Benefit's Bad Gal. I love the product names too, always amusing in Boots picking products like Off Your Face! 

And then there is Dove. A classic I have know for years. The smell of their beauty bar soap brings back memories of my childhood, watching my mum wash her face with it every morning (a trick I have recently picked up since she had great skin!). And their moisturisers are so nourishing for my skin; in the summer months, the sun, sand, salt water and sheer amount of times I shower a day (when it is this hot and humid even 2 showers is just the start) all mean my skin dries out a lot more. 

These two are helping me right out and they both have great smells. The beauty blossom is fresh and invigorating, perfect for the morning while the purely pampering is great for evening, the aroma seriously lasts! 

And this was just the start of my beauty haul from London. Well technically I was saving money. At least thats my story and I am sticking to it!


  1. Dove has indeed the best products. Hahah lady, you can't get enough of it!

    1. Dove always do such great products. I love their hair care range too!


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