Thursday, 15 May 2014

Salisbury Cathedral

One of the things I had missed most about England was the choice of activities. I know I sound a bit like a cheap guidebook but the freedom of transport and the variety of cultural offerings is one of the things I missed the most when living in Cyprus. As such I am soaking up every cultural opportunity that there is while I am in England. 

While I was in Salisbury last weekend, I took full advantage and headed to the Cathedral for a little visit. It is a pretty impressive building. Original built at Old Sarum in 1092, the Cathedral was later moved to an alternative location in 1220. The Cathedral was completed by 1266 however the spire was added later. I am by no means good at history and a visit to the Cathedral itself or the website will enlighten you more about the building.

But the real draw is the Magna Carta which is housed in part of Salisbury Cathedral. The Magna Carta is probably one of the most important documents in English history which has since been celebrated as the cornerstone of liberty influencing the world today. And considering it was handwritten, it is the smallest, straightest, neatest writing I have ever seen.

If you are in Salisbury, the Cathedral is a must visit.


  1. you're kicking up some serious wanderlust in me! this looks awesome! one day, my friend, one day I WILL get to England! (and probably never leave, ever again...)

    1. Hahaha I'm sorry. It is a very beautiful place. When you make it to England you must visit there. The whole town is very sweet and it's near to Stonehenge, another must see!


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