Friday, 30 May 2014

life's unexpected intrusions


Sometimes it is easy to let life get in the way of blogging. I started this year by saying I would get back to my blogging roots and only blog when I had something important to write.  But it is quite easy to let that mindset take over and I feel like I have become a little distant from the very thing that has kept me so motivated over the last year, the blog. 

Sometimes it is difficult finding the balance between life and other commitments such as blogging and while I said I wouldn't be so hard on myself I feel like I have gotten into lazy ways. I mean I am not working at the moment which means I have ample free time to plow into the blog, but I havent. Yes I have been organising and navigating several international moves for both me and my four legged friend, but still, I know deep down inside I have used that as an excuse. 

And it is even worse when I think about the sheer amount of things that have gone on since I returned to London, most of which have not graced the pages of my little online diary just yet. I think sometimes, translating what is going on in your life, onto the pages of your blog can be a little difficult. And sometimes I feel the things that are going on my life, down to the sense of emptiness I currently feel should be left behind the publish button. 

It was actually Vanisha from A Life Unstyled that made me realise I have a lot to say. Sometimes when you are in your own life, you cant see the importance of certain things, or that they could be translated into meaningful content for the blog. 

So while I have a little extra free time, before the madness of the next move begins in roughly two weeks time, I am going to busy behind the scenes, planning and prepping this blog and getting it back to its former, content rich, glory. 

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