Thursday, 1 May 2014

Food Blog: My Mouth is Full

Food blogs are my guilty pleasure; devouring dishes with my eyes and reading recipes quickly pass the time and give me some much needed kitchen inspiration. I talked before about some of my favourite food blogs, but a new one has recently caught my eye and has left me salivating. 

My Mouth is Full has some fantastic food photography and follows Sayana's food journey in the UAE and throughout her travels. The blog also chronicles her tried and tested recipes and has a range of food inspired by visits, travels and festivals like Ramadan. 

If I was a more seasoned chef I would definitely want to try her Falooda, Prawn Roast and the Halloumi Stuffed Garlic Whole Wheat Bread

Prawn Roast

Halloumi Garlic Stuffed Whole Wheat Bread

For you foodies out there, this blog is a must visit!


  1. The perfect inspiration to get you through the mid-week hump and across the line to the weekend!

    1. I know Vanisha! Super yummy looking recipes. I wish I was better in the kitchen and could rustle up these ones :)


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