Wednesday, 29 January 2014

santa is quite intuitive

Sometimes those annoying Facebook adverts really pay off. Like I mentioned here, my feed is usually filled with a random collection of uninteresting and totally not relevant ads. And then by chance I stumbled across Bauble Bar and santa was definitely paying attention to that post, because look what made it all the way to Cyprus in time for christmas. 

Emerald Palm Bib
When I say santa, I really mean the boyfriends Mum. She definitely takes notice of this little blog and quite spontaneously surprises me with bits and pieces I mention here. Which makes me think I should feature some more luxurious handbags, spa days and leather bound notebooks every once in a while. 

But anyway, this gorgeous necklace was waiting for me under the tree on christmas morning and I couldn't have been happier to unwrap the black velvet pouch and pull out the contents. The colours of this necklace are 100% me and it feels so elegant whilst making a statement all in one piece of jewellery. 

If you can, I would definitely recommend purchasing some items from Bauble Bar; they have an amazing collection and the quality is fantastic. Fingers crossed you live in one of the countries they ship to! 

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