Friday, 10 January 2014

sally hansen insta-dri

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is the best top coat I have ever laid my hands on. Seriously I know that is a bold statement but it has made my life a whole lot easier over the past few weeks.

You see every time I paint my nails, which seems to be a lot lately, I end up doing it in the evening, before bed. Ok Ok usually in bed and then I whack a top coat on and before it can dry my eyes are tightly shut and I am in dreamland. 

This is a sure fire way to mess up your nails. Anyone else suffer from those annoying "sheet imprints" on tacky nails? 

Well get the Insta-Dri top coat and you can say bye bye to those horrible unwanted patterns. I found this little bottle in my stocking from santa, AKA christmas package from father Finerty and it has been put to good use. I know my local Debenhams stocks Sally Hansen, but I haven't found an online stockist that will ship to Cyprus just yet. If any of you do, please share the details. This expat needs shiny nails in her life!

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