Wednesday, 22 January 2014

finding my roots again

The mornings, more specifically between 6.30 and 7.15am are my favourite time of the day (except for the end when my head hits the pillow). It is my thinking time; walking the dog, half asleep on quiet streets gives my brain time to mull over all the little bits of information, tasks to complete, worries and excitement that I have crammed into my skull. 

I have been a little quiet for the past few days. I decided that 2014 would the year where I got back to the roots of this blog. I want to write because I enjoy writing, but I don't just want to write for the sake of it.  

I feel like the blog diversified a lot in 2013 and I want to re-focus. This blog started way back in 2009 when I was living in England and was more focused to fashion and culture and all of the things that were surrounding me in those first few months out of university. Needless to say a lot has changed along the way and it would only be right for the content of this blog to reflect that; because what happens in my life and what happens on this blog are inextricably linked. 

Moving forward I want to write about the stuff I love; food, culture, photography, fashion and beauty products but with an expat focus. Many people will think, well how do any of the above link to being an expat and I would say, quite well! 

Expat life affects everything because. Your life in a different country means the food you eat and dare to cook yourself will change, the culture you experience and the things you photograph are influenced by your surroundings and the fashion you consume or the beauty products you deem as a necessity will be adopted depending on your climate. 

And at the root of it all, the blog remains somewhat of a lifeline, keeping me connected to world outside of Cyprus, to the family and friends I left in London and to my sanity.


  1. I've just gotten back into blogging after a short break, and it's been interesting to see so many new year posts like yours. The holidays can be overwhelming, and I think especially for us folks living abroad, but they do offer an opportunity to gather thoughts and focus on aims for the next year. I feel exactly the same way as you.

    1. I think expat life and the new year combined are a bloggers dream. When your far from home it's easier to contemplate more deeply. I am glad I am not alone; I feel like 2013 sucked so much out of me that I really want to have a good 2014. :)

  2. Travelling and moving does affect everything, in more ways than we really realise. It changes us as people, so it's only natural that it will change our blogs. I keep thinking, I wish I were a more focused blogger. Focused in terms of content, more niche specific. But my life is so fluid, so are the things I like doing. Our lifestyle is one that's open to change - one that encourages change. Just a few hours ago, Patrick and I were talking about packing up and moving next month! And we're the type of people to do it, and my blog will reflect that. I love reading your posts. I don't see those posts that 'stray' from your blogs focus as an issue, but as something new and exciting that's happening in your life. If anything, I'm thankful that you let your readers into those parts instead of simply sticking to writing about the parts that actually fit the focus of your blog.

    1. I agree with you about more niche which I why I tried to make a conscious effort to focus on the expat part of my life as it is quite a key part. But then as you say life is fluid and sometimes I want to write about pretty things and add a whole light hearted dimension to the blog. I think you should pack up and move if that makes you happy. Why not. People tell me moving all the time is not good and you should "settle" down. But i say just cause I am not in one place doesn't mean i don't feel settled.
      Thank you for your fantastic comments as always!! :)


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