Friday, 22 February 2013

something for a friday #5 fyi - the thing about distance

The thing about distance is this. 

You miss out. You miss out on the celebrations and the happiness shared between family and friends. And unfortunately you miss out on the momentous occasions that would otherwise shape your life. Distance means the emotions you would have so easily expressed become a little more complex as the time zones and climates colide. 

And thats exactly where I find myself now. 

Waiting in the airport for an unexpected and unplanned trip home; all the emotions about to explode in my brain as the reality of getting on a plane hits. Something has shaped my life and I have yet to realise it's full impact until I step foot on home soil and smell the air of London. A bit cryptic I know, but all you really need to know is that the blog will fall quiet for another week. When I return there will no doubt be stories of adventures had. 

To be continued...

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