Tuesday, 12 January 2010

what goes around comes around.

FASHION is one of the most empowering and enigmatic modern day mediums, which influences, inspires and initiates a multitude of images, styles and ideas on a daily basis, not to mention the cultural impact fashion has [something which is too vast to consider in this brief post]. You would therefore be forgiven for thinking that fashion transitions itself season after season, to convey a new way of thinking, living and dressing; one that offers us something new, with a degree of originality and purity. 

The above is certainly true, but more often than not fashion finds its feet each season with a little helping hand from the past. Styles and ideas are reworked, used as inspiration and thoughtfully chewed up and spat out into some faultless new trend which has recognisable features but a fresh face. Fashion is undoubtedly a system, a process and a re-invention of the past. Contemporary fashion discourses have developed alongside the commodity culture of our time; styles overlap, trends disintegrate and fashion constantly seeks to contextualise itself. 

And with London Fashion Week rearing its stylish head in a matter of weeks, I wonder what little gems we will be gazing at this February.


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