Tuesday, 12 January 2010

im a t-shirt convert

I'm not really a t-shirt kind of girl [which is sort of a lie because I own numerous black, grey and white styles for the sole purpose of layering, however I do not usually wear t shirts in bright colours, with prints, patterns or designs]. But a little brand going by the name of Lady Umbrella might just have converted me. The ladies t-shirt company, spawned from a Spanish designer and her love of art and fashion, creates beautiful t-shirts with some incredible and quirky hand illustrations. 

Each t-shirt has a name which conjures up a fantastically creative story in ones head. I have my favourite already.  

"Away with the birds"

I have my eyes on this beauty, and although it may be to go with a dashing pair of pj bottoms [after all you cant convert me that quickly] at least I'll look stylish while I sleep.

Have a ganders at http://www.ladyumbrella.com/index.php to see all the imaginatively named t-shirts. 

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  1. Hey Mimi, Rob here from LadyUmbrella, thanks for writing about us and our little brand - really appreciated... Delighted to hear we have converted you (even if it is only for your stylish snoozes)..Launching real soon now so stay tuned and stay happy, LadyUmbrella..


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