Friday, 22 January 2010

for the love of laces

So my long suffering boyfriend has been barking on at me for about 5 years [pretty much the entirety of our relationship] that I should wear trainers because in his words.....  

"girls look sexy in trainers" 
Well enter Mrs clown feet over here with her size 7's and for some reason I think I'm going to look far from sexy in a pair of Nikes or Converse for that matter. ANYONE who knows me will testify that I just don't do trainers. I'm not really a trainer girl. I don't even own a pair for the gym [mainly because the gym is my worst nightmare and if I owned I pair of trainers they would just gather dust and then guilt trip me into using them...but no no. I like my neat hourglass with extra bottom and a bit of chub thank you]. 

I am a girl who owns boots, ballet pumps and sandals. I didn't buy my first pair of heels til the tender age of 20 [after much persuasion from friends that I didn't look like the leaning tower of piza - although after a few drinks that's debatable] I'm a girl who likes her comforts and you just wouldn't find me running round in heels all day [not that I do much running]. 
So when I read an article on Tuesday in this weeks GRAZIA that informed me spring was the season for trainers, I immediately hid said article from the boyfriend before he could say.....I told you so......and although Christian Laboutin has created some rather stunning studded trainers, I think the trainer trend will be one passing me by.

I might be the only one. It seems trainers are the next big thing, popping up on Marc Jacobs models, trainers seem to be springs sensible footwear. So as we come back down to earth with a bump as our skyscraper heels are whisked from beneath us, Harvey Nichols London are gearing up for a footwear frenzy, catering for the "sneaker fanatic" and the fashion girl all in one go. To conicide with the relaunch of their fourth floor on the 25th January, Harvey Nichols London will be dedicating a whole wall to girls trainers. From Christian Laboutin to Acne and Converse, everyone is jumping on the flat footwear bandwagon.

So to play devils advocate, if I was to spend my hard earned pennies on shoes with laces I'd pick......

Christian Laboutin studded trainers £660


Beatrix Ong for Nike £230

Addidas by Stella McCartney £90


Lanvin £225

Well I'd never be caught dead in a pair of trainers let alone a fluro pink pair, but who know's. Maybe I'l have to concede defeat as we move from winter into spring and I find myself lacking appropriate footwear. I may even utter those unthinkable words...I need a pair of trainers.  

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