Thursday, 21 January 2010

apple or pear...?

And no im not talking about cider, (but if we are asking the question, im a pear girl every time) I am in fact talking about the magical mind maze otherwise know as BODY SHAPE. Now if there are any boys reading............I was mocked yesterday by a male friend of mine who thought my bra post was a bit too women's institute (he's probably reading this even though he didn't enjoy the bra post - after said mocking I'm not currently speaking to him - I bet he enjoyed the lust have lingerie images though) boy's unless your interested in whether your a pear, lean column or an apple.....i suggest you 

look away now.

Traditionally, women have been put into 4 different body shape boxes; but the impact of cultural shifts and modern living, means women come in all shapes and sizes. Too much boob or not enough bum can cause havoc with those oh so solid fashion rules for females but a lot of us just don't fit into the categories. So hurrrrrraaaah for a fantastic website I stumbled across which provides 7 different body shapes to pick from, and then offers shopping solutions and personal shopper style help to fit your ample curves or slender limbs. 

In the pursuit of fashion [and research obviously] I thought id have a little go at this shopping for my body shape malarky. Usually - and it's because I don't know what box I fit into - my shopping goes as follows, pick a whole host of garments, stumble into a itsy bitsy changing room [which im sure are getting smaller unless im getting bigger] get rather flustered by garments that are usually too small, get depressed that my boobs will not fit into anything, and then leave, even more depressed that I don't have that just bought something new feeling. So, Joy of Clothes appears to offer women a silver lining [it has always somewhat confused me the pear/hourglass thing]. After much deliberation I've decided I am a neat hourglass - to break that down it means I have a waist [even though I haven't seen it for a long time], boobs and a bit of bum, and what have always been termed "child bearing hips". Offering a vast selection of clothing from a huge variety of stores from French Connection, Uniqlo and M&S to designer brands like Zac Posen, Alexander Mcqueen and Temperly. So what did Joy of Clothes suggest for my neat hourglass...

acne hex skinny jeans £148


juicy couture ruffle top £58

lanvin mini dress £1,195

topshop stripe jumper dress £40


day birger et mikkelsen £109

christopher kane £1,225

This website seems to know me very well. A lot of black and grey came up in my body search - a favourite colour of mine. So the verdict....I Love this website. It has so much going for it. You can search by body shape, style, size or colour, and they even offer style advice on proportions, colour, and body measurements. 

Who needs a topshop style adviser when you have a one stop online shop for all your fashion dilemmas! 

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