Wednesday, 20 January 2010

its a girl thing....

Its a new year and for the first time in years I've made a new years resolution. Like 80%of women, I am in serious need of some new undies. So 2010 is the year I will seek out properly fitting undergarments. It does astonish me how many women [me included] are not wearing the correct underwear. However, it's easily done. Us ladies have several obstacles to negotiate daily so keeping up with lady cycles, body bits and bobs and fluctuating boob sizes are all par of the course, however unless your extremely organised and keep some sort of daily diary (and i am rather organised but even I couldn't manage this) you will simply neglect a fundamental rule as a woman; always wear the correct size bra's. 

Now this is mostly relevant to the more ample breasted women out there, because for us girls, its even more important to be wearing the right sized undercrackers. I always seem to find bra shopping less of a pleasure, more of a chore; all the undressing, prodding, poking, tape measures and some uncomfortable wire! Sounds like some sort of medieval torture. 
And for some serious scaffolding for those bad boys, your bank balance is going to take a beating.

But now spring is [sort of] in the air it seems a good time to breathe fresh life into that dark and dingey underwear draw. I wish I could wear this underwear but alas I was not given suitable breasts for this sort of underwear...

lust have lingerie...

la perla £147


3.1 phillip lim £77


mimi holliday by damaris £47


stella mccartney £85


myla £105


burberry £95


3.1 phillip lim £66.41

All underwear is available at net-a-porter

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