Monday, 22 September 2014

why I keep blogging

I'm not going to lie, blogging isn't easy. It is my hobby and my passion and I do it because I love to write, but that doesn't always mean it is easy. Sometimes, and I think us non-professional bloggers might feel this more than most, it feels like blogging is hassle. 

I have a full time job, house chores, a family and friends all of which I want to devote time to and sometimes, the blog has to come second of third or fourth down the list of priorities. But those days when I neglect the blog are the days when every day life becomes a bit too much and actually I need the blog more than ever, as my escape.

It is a little bit of a vicious cycle. 

Many people say why do you do it? That's a very good question since it draws no revenue and takes up a lot of time. But my answer is always because I love to write. Even if no one else reads what I write, just the simple act of sitting at my laptop and writing about stuff I have done, stuff I am passionate about or issues close to my heart is fulfilling. Some people read, some people do sports, some people bake. I blog. And when I get a comment and you realise that someone, somewhere is reading your words, a sense of excitement shivers over me. And aside from the comments, a whole host of amazing opportunities have come from with this blog.

I read an interesting post recently over on Media Marmalade: How to Juggle a Daily Blog & Full Time Career. Many of the things she discusses are always on my mind. I would never give up my job to blog full time but I want to dedicate a decent amount of time to developing my blog and growing my content and sometimes I feel lost about how to do this. Juggling a full time job and blogging daily just isn't that easy. 

If you ever feel overwhelmed by blogging, it is time to take a step back and re-group, plan, prioritise and make some to-do lists. She says it better than me, so go check out this post and this post. Sometimes reading the words of another blogger and realising your not the only one who struggles is the push you need to get back on the blogging horse. 

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  1. I totally feel the same way, I often feel guilty when I am stuck in front of the computer instead of spending time with family or friends, but I couldn't give it up because I would miss it. I found that my three week vacation to the UK was a great break from blogging for me. Now I have come back refreshed and ready to keep going.


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