Sunday, 28 September 2014

Dubai Marine Show

We live in the Marina with all it's glitz, glamour and convenience on our doorstep. Every morning we see the big shiny boats, floating on the water and it is like a dream is being dangled right in front of your face at every opportunity. I say dream because the boyfriend worked a lot on boats in his younger years and he would love to buy his own boat. Living in Dubai, where wealth and glamour and commodities like super cars and super yachts are all around you, it is difficult to dampen that dream. 

So when the lovely guys at Dubai Marina Yacht Club invited us down for a afternoon of all things boats, we decided why not live the dream for a day. The Dubai Marine Show is the first of it's kind and is geared towards boat owners, or future boat owners who want to get to grips with this boat malarky a little better. There were a ton of experts there, ready to answer the most simple or serious boat related questions and lots of information about water based activities to the make the most from your purchase.

For those wanting to seriously get to grips with this stuff, there was a series of workshops held throughout the afternoon about fishing and boats them selves and planning trips. Since we were there more to indulge our desire than to actually learn about what to do with our non-existent boat, we skipped the workshops.

I spent more time gazing at the sparkling white super yachts out front in the marina, glistening away like diamonds in the sunshine. If ever there was a moment for me to get sucked into the world of boats, it would be now. The guys at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club are a pretty knowledgable bunch so if ever the time comes to make a hefty purchase, we know where to go for advice. We hopped on board for a little marina tour, because even though we have seen it all before, there is nothing like cruising down the marina and taking in the stunning architecture, on a Saturday afternoon. 

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