Monday, 4 August 2014

Review: Jonny Rockets, Marina Walk

You know sometimes you have a great idea but in practice, it becomes all too clear that said great idea was actually more like an idiotic one? A weird way to start a post about food I know, but the story of how we came to be at Johnny Rockets munching on a man-sized burger is one of those moments. 

Thursday night is the new Friday night and we usually take the opportunity of the free time and no bedtime to explore. One particular Thursday a few weeks ago, we decided to go explore the other end of Dubai Marina, have a drink and spot of dinner before walking back along to our building. Because of the humidity, we decided getting a taxi to the other end and after a drink on the 52nd floor of a building (as you do) we headed out to find food. The curves of the walkway along the marina, combined with the humidity meant we had a longer, hotter walk than we had anticipated. 

We had been walking for probably around 20 minutes when we caught sight of Johnny Rockets, nestled inside a small air conditioned plaza and the thought of juicy burger and an icey cold milkshake was enough to persuade us from any of the other healthier eating options around us. 

Johnny Rockets in Dubai maintains the cool American dinner vibe, with booths and jukeboxes and old school American advertising posters plastered across the wall. The staff were really attentive and friendly, but more importantly, the food is yummy!

If you're in the mood for a big American style, juicy burger, with all the trimmings this is a good bet. I had a classic cheesburger and we got a half and half portion of fries and onion rings. But the real good thing about Johnny Rockets is the milkshakes. They are thick and creamy and full of calories so if you're someone who cares about those pesky things, avoid the milkshakes. Vanilla or Oreo are winners in my book. 

Oh and they deliver too. Something worth noting next time we think its a good idea to go a walk along the 8km marina walkway in the high summer temperatures of Dubai. 

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