Saturday, 2 August 2014

From the water: Dubai Marina

Dubai looks different from every angle. You see a different landmark, a different building and the sun casts a different shadow across the landscape. It is one of those cities with a constantly changing face. I have seen Dubai from down on the ground and now I have seen Dubai from the water.

We are very lucky to live here and even luckier to have a friend who has access to a boat, which meant last week after work we had an impromptu tour of Dubai marina from the water. Dubai marina is one of the main clusters in Dubai which combines residential housing, the marina, hotels and restaurants. It is like a small city set on the waterway. Think Southbank on the Thames in London, but busier and taller. 

The architecture is stunning in the day, but as the sun sets over the sea, a soft, golden light falls over the skyline and the predominately glass structures literally glisten with a warm pinky, orange hue. Floating along the marina felt almost magical at that time of day.

And then we left the safe confines of the marina and headed out, at speed, into the sea. It was a little windy that day, making the trip out to sea a little bumpy; it was a miracle that my lunch stayed in my stomach. But our captain knows a thing or two about boats so we were definitely in safe hands, although that didn't stop me holding on tightly to anything in near reach. 

We went out past the Palm, past the Sheikh's private island, along the shoreline with it's gorgeous hotels and private, perfectly manicured beaches which the public can frequent at a cost and up to Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab. 

The Burj Al Arab, not to be confused with the Burj Khalifa, is one of those iconic Dubai buildings that you can see from a variety of locations across the city due to its size. Seeing it from the water is a whole different experience; it's presence is less imposing but nevertheless interesting. The colours of the structure reflect the soft blue water around it and even though the curves of the building add a sense of softness, the Burj Al Arab has a certain strength about it. 

The small horizontal structure you can see sticking out of the building is a restaurant, which apparently does amazing food and I can only imagine the sort of amazing views you get from up there. I am sure a hefty price tag will accompany that dinner though. 

As night time creeps in, Dubai marina comes to life with a million lights; each building is lit up and it creates amazing reflections in the water. Even the Dhow boats sparkle in the night time as they cruise along the marina. It is weird because I have lived here for a month, walked along the marina countless times and seen it at night, but it constantly feels new. And seeing it from the water gives you a whole new perspective on the area in which we live. 

Now I just need to get myself up the Burj Khalifa and see Dubai from the above.


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