Monday, 18 August 2014

navigating summer fashion

Sure I studied fashion writing but I have been so removed from "fashion" for so long that I feel like I have lost that part of me. And I am ok with that, except it is when it comes to clothes I feel a little out of my depth. I really need to channel my inner stylist because this summer, my wardrobe has been thrown into disarray and getting dressed has become such a chore. If I could do everything in my grey marl maxi dress I would. 

I think the heat and humidity in Dubai threw me off track after 2 months in London. I have resigned myself to being forever hot and sweaty, but taking things like fabric into account when shopping has never been my forte and my love for grey is being seriously challenged with the sweat patch situation. 

I want my summer style to be a blur of denim, crisp white vests, breton stipe t-shirts, tan accessories (including legs) satchels, sunglasses and cute summer dresses. Instead I feel like my style has hit a brick wall where nothing but black skinny jeans, sandals and shirts get through. 

I want to embrace colour and inject pattern into my wardrobe but I am yet to work up the courage to engage in shopping for either. What I have done is browse pinterest to source inspiration for when I finally brave the sweaty walk to the metro station and try not to get lost in Dubai Mall whilst searching for additions to my wardrobe. But as you can, it seems i'm not even brave enough to embrace colour on pinterest!

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