Friday, 22 August 2014

Immigration: Moving to Dubai with

Getting myself and the dog into Dubai was one of the biggest stresses throughout this whole moving process. Once she had cleared customs, her journey was done. Me on the other hand, well lets just say getting through airport security is just the beginning. 

Navigating the immigration process in Dubai is a little stressful and confusing. My immigration process to fully-fledged legal resident was rather pain free in hindsight, although I can't promise yours will be too. I have heard mixed accounts from fellow expats here in Dubai, but my best advice is to be prepared; have copies of everything, a million passport photographs and be patient. 

I am by no means an expert on immigration in Dubai, but I am an expat who moved to Dubai, navigated the immigration process and has a few things to say about it. Those things are over here in my latest article on 


  1. Hi! I have come across your blog and i need a piece of advice. We are relocating with our dog to Dubai. There is one thing that puzzles us. Agency says that ad our dog will travel ad cargo it needs to be at airport 9 hours before departure. And it will be kept over there with no access for us? We wonder if this situation is only in our country or it is common practice? Did you have the same issue? Ekaterina

    1. Hi Ekaterina thanks for your comment. I replied to you on Facebook. Did you get it? If not let me know and il shoot it over to you again 😀


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