Saturday, 9 August 2014

Life Lately: smoothies, new shoes and a morning run

It has been two weeks since I did a life lately post and I don't honestly know where the time has gone. 

Many people assume expat life is a permanent holiday (all you expat readers know different) but the reality is, only the weekends are! The standard working week still plays a part in our lives and actually at the moment, it is too hot to spend an hour at the beach let alone a day, so we are mostly inside, soaking up cold conditioned air and watching Suits during the weekends. Oh the craziness of expat life! 

But back to my point; time is flying by because the everyday elements of life still occur even over here in the Middle East. The dog still wakes up at 6am everyday, the washing still has to be done although it does dry a hell of a lot quicker here than in the UK and house chores are necessary, despite everyone telling us to get a maid. A maid is one of those "Dubai bubble" trappings that I refuse to fall into because why would I pay someone else to clean when I have two hands and I am perfectly capable. Just saying. 

I think the fact that I love my new job so much is only adding to the speed in which days go by; I wake up every morning sleepy but excited to get into the office and turn on my laptop which is a weird yet lovely feeling. I haven't mentioned much about the job on here because I want to introduce you to it properly and there a few little projects that I am working on which I want to come to fruition first. 

Needless to say, working at an organic food company is having a wonderful impact on our diets; the fridge has never been fuller, crammed with fresh fruits and veggies and organic basil pesto. The increase in fruits in my fridge means I am slowly becoming addicted to smoothies but I guess there could be worse things to become addicted to right. 

I think the job is rubbing off on most parts of my life an the healthy eating definitely reminded me that I have been a big slacker on the running front since I got to Dubai. My excuse is I feel like I have no time but that is a poor one really. 

I was running every other day in the UK and loved the feeling of the fresh morning air as I ran through the park. No such feeling here, more a sweaty t shirt stuck to my back and a face that resembles a tomato. But after I had cooled down in the safe, air conditioned confines of our apartment I felt a sense of achievement. It was quite invigorating to get out early on Friday morning and utilise the marina as my new running track. Although the 75% humidity that had already crept out at that time in the morning made my run a little more challenging than I thought it would be. 

In other news I received new shoes this week. The boyfriend has been trying to get me to share his love for trainers for the last however many years and I think he may have finally cracked it. Returning home with a rather beautiful pair of Adidas Originals ZX 500 2.0 womens trainers in black. They have a gorgeous leather overlay which almost resembles leopard print and the inside literally moulded around my feet. Hands down they are the comfiest shoes ever to grace my feet and they look gorgeous and cool at the same time. I feel a style overhaul coming on! 

Oh and we added a few more touches to the apartment but you will have probably seen it already

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