Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the year of the facebook page

I decided it was time to expand in the social media department. Im already hooked on bloglovin, hello cotton, twitter, always have a window open for the better blogger network and trawl the expats blog forum on a daily basis. 

So it felt just about the right time to set up a little page on facebook for this here blog. Its humble beginnings but everyone has to start somewhere right?

So a shameless request for some love - please head on over and like the page which can be found here. 

Im sure there will be some good karma vibes for all you ladies (and genltemen) in 2013 that take the time to support each other. 

Now time to embrace a rainy Monday evening, take my make up off with the best product ive just been rambling about here, and eat the remaining quality streets which travelled all the way from England.

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