Thursday, 10 January 2013

don't you worry - I have an anthem for 2013

As I grow older I seem to be developing a deeper connection and passion for music. 

When I was younger, my parents were never particularly "stick the kids in-front of the tv" sort of parents and I didn't have a TV in my room. But somewhere in my teens I fell in love with the TV. And while I still love a good series and a discovery channel session on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon, music seems to be taking a bigger part of my heart.

And whatever I do I cannot get this song out of my head. Its starting to be my anthem for 2013. And as I seek to take a big step back and let life just takeover instead of worrying about it, the words seem to be more and more poignant.

"Dont you worry dont you worry child....see heaven's got a plan for you"

While I dont believe in heavan as such, im starting to believe that there is a bigger picture out there and someone or something has a plan, so maybe I dont need mine......

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