Tuesday, 9 July 2013

food: partners in crime

Red onion and garlic. Partners in crime in my kitchen. One without the other is like a barbecue without meat. Pointless. 

Recently I have been throwing garlic at everything I cook, simply because that small little bud of garlic packs a lot of flavour into food. I would like to tell you all that I am eating a lot of garlic because of the health benefits but sadly that was an after thought. But since we are here now, garlic is full with antioxidants  meaning your immune system gets a good kick. Garlic is also good for lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol and help with your overall heart health. 

So while my collegues may not be too happy about all the stinky stuff i'm consuming, at least my body will thank me for it!

And if you are a little lost for how to handle garlic, check out some of these recipes


  1. I absolutely love garlic. We put it in everything we cook.

    1. me too!! :)
      recently I add garlic to everything. it has so much flavour that you dont need heavy sauces etc right... :)


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