Tuesday, 16 July 2013

a fresh face

Things are changing round here. 

Yep I got restless with my current look and decided to mix things up a little. I found a wonderful blogger who offers her design services at a super reasonable rate and she probably the kindest, most patient person in the world! But more about her later. 

All that's left to be said is please excuse us if we look a little shabby round these parts over the next few days. The blog will be in transformation stages so there will be fewer posts and a bit of mess but that should all be cleared up by the weekend. 

And then I can get onto the exciting stuff, like sharing some great recipes and bragging about my upcoming staycation. Oh and the small matter of the boyfriend re-appearing for a two week trip (hence the staycation) which I may or may not be totally mind blowingly excited about. yes thats a word. 

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