Saturday, 15 September 2012

the taste of Cyprus

Whenever the [potential] future mother-in-law visits there are certain activities which are factored into our agenda - which mostly revolve around food. One of those activities  is cooking. And usually it is something that I need to learn how to make; you see trying to learn Cypriot cuisine either comes from a Cypriot women (however there is a language barrier which may hinder any learning) or a cookbook (which usually means complicated looking recipes with 24 steps and anything past 5 steps just baffles me).

So when the [potential] future mother-in-law visits, I take the opportunity to soak up some of her wisdom - in English!

This time it was my all time favourite Cypriot dish - macaronia tou fournou. Its like a better version of lasagne, with long pasta tubes all mixed together with mince (a combination of pork and beef which is very important) and lots of parsley, with a great huge layer of bechamel sauce and hallumi on top. 

The best recipe I have found is from a traditional Cypriot cooking book - however this recipe is pretty awesome too and while it sounds like a lot of effort, the result is totally worth it.


  1. MMMmmmmmm its 3 o clock in the evening and i have cravings for makaronia tou fournou :) the pictures are mouth watering :)

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