Monday, 6 October 2014

Transportation: Moving to Dubai with

I have never learnt to drive and it has never really been a problem before nor something that I was too bothered about. But I will freely admit that the urge to drive is getting stronger by the day. 

It isn't because living in Dubai is impossible without a car; far from it. Dubai is a seriously easy city to navigate without a car, but for my own satisfaction, learning to drive is high up on my priority list for 2015. 

There are a lot of transportation options in Dubai whether you want to take a taxi, a bus or the metro, each option is affordable and accessible and can happily and comfortably get you from a to b. And sometimes those options are a much better idea than jumping in your car because the traffic in Dubai can get a little ridiculous at times. 

If you're moving to Dubai and don't drive, check out my lowdown on transportation options to help you navigate this new city with ease, in my latest article for, Transportation options when moving to Dubai, UAE. 


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