Sunday, 5 October 2014

October be good to me

October is here and stuff is about to get crazy. Life has ramped up a notch lately both in work and out of work and while I am loving every minute of this jam packed life we are living, I feel a little bit out of breath with it all.

There are so many things to do and see in Dubai and after a few months of settling in, I feel like it is time to start enjoying this city and country for that matter. We have been frequenting new bars, different restaurants and indulging [maybe] a little too much. 

We have been making new friends and time is now shared which is brilliant; one of the most important things on my list for moving to Dubai was to settle in, meet people and make friends. When you move to a new country, finding your feet and finding people who share your likes, dislikes, interests and people you "click" with is very important. Having just a couple of people who you can call upon, share moments with and talk to when those tough days arise, is vital. And having just a few people to call friends will keep you sane when those tough moments set in. 

Work is ramping up a notch too. In just a few days, The Ripe Food & Craft Market launches in it's brand new home in Zabeel Park and months of hard work for the whole Ripe team, will come to fruition. To be part of this is ridiculously exciting and rather stressful for me in equal measure. To be part of the team who is responsible for the UAE's favourite farmers market carries with it a little bit of pressure and I am certainly feeling that.

But I know all the hard work and the awfully early start next Friday, as we run around in Zabeel Park in the dark in the early hours of the morning, doing our first real live market set-up, will be worth it. 

Needless to say my body is feeling the pain and my brain is constantly buzzing. October please be good to me.

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