Thursday, 2 October 2014

Review: Smiling BKK, Al Wasl Plaza, Al Safa, Dubai

If you're looking for tasty Thai food in Dubai, that wont break your bank balance, Smilling BKK in Al Wasl Plaza, Al Safa is the place to go. Don't ask about the name because I really don't know but I was taken here by my lovely friends and by the time my plate was clear I didn't want to leave. 

It is a humble setting, with a very casual vibe and randomly decorated, with odd graphics on the wall and tons of little colourful lampshades handing from the ceiling, giving you a whole host of things to look at other than the menu. It is dark and eclectic and it feels almost like your in someones living room, which I love. 

But you should really get back to the menu. Which is huge and a little overwhelming for a first timer, I will admit, but once you get down into the depths of it, you will be fine. And everything that arrived at our table was amazing and packed full of delicious flavour, so I am certain whatever you order, your taste-buds will be happy. 

We scanned the menu for several minutes. And then a few minutes more, before shooting our toy gun into the air (given to us by the waitress on arrival) and in a second, a waitress appeared. This is how you let the staff know you're ready to order and I think it is a pretty genius idea. Saves those awkward moments with staff hovering around and you feeling rushed to make a decision. And there is nothing I hate more than being rushed when it comes to food choices. 

Anyway, we ordered the Big Smiling Sample Set to share, with its crispy bags of gold (dumpling type things) veggie spring rolls, fishcakes and prawn crackers, the Tom Yumm soup, the Kaeng Panang which was a delicious peanut curry, another thai curry, jasmine rice and another rice variety crammed with delicious flavour that I cant remember what it was now. 

And everything was phenomenal. They ask you how spicy you want your dishes when you order, 10%, 30%, 80%, you pick, which is another thing I like; because I love a little kick of heat and flavour, but don't want my head blown off. The soup was delicious, with a generous helping of spice and shrimp and the peanut chicken curry was nutty and creamy, with perfectly cooked, delicately spicy chicken. 

The quality of food and service in the place would warrant a high price tag, but that's not the case. This is delicious, well made food, at reasonable prices in the heart of Dubai. Which kinda proves my point that you don't have to spend a ton of cash to eat well or live well in Dubai, you just have to pick your places wisely. If your in Dubai and craving Thai food, Smiling BKK is definitely the place to go! 

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