Monday, 27 February 2012

it's a lush life

No i'm not talking about my life here in Cyprus. Im referring to the British brand best known for its beautiful au nautrale beauty products. I have never been a huge Lush customer, mainly frequenting their stores at christmas to stock up on snow fairy shower gel - the sweet smell (that strangely also reminds me calpol) is divine. So, on my London trip in January I entered the Westfield branch with my fingers crossed that there would be one last bottle of the magical shower stuff out back, unwanted, that could make the journey back across Europe with me. I wasn't lucky this time. 

But I did spend about 45 minutes with a lovely shop assistant (by the way, customer service in England is incredible when your used to shopping in Cyprus) who not only gave me a hand massage with some of the wonderful lotions on offer, but also found me a soap bar with a delectable scent closely resembling the snow fairy smell. While I stupidly left the soap bar in my shower in my London home (I couldn't resist using it, but my eagerness shot me in the foot, since I forgot to pack it) I did bring back some wonderful hand lotions. Helping Hands and Lemony Flutter have truly enriched my life. For someone who doesn't do all too well with her hands, these are perfect. 

The Lemony Flutter has a rich and fresh lemon scent that reminds me of a plant my mother used to have growing in the garden by our front door; every morning when we left for school this smell would hit me as I opened the front door. For some it smells like those lemon cleaning products but for me this memory is more overpowering. This rich cuticle butter has done wonders for my dry cuticles, which I have a small biting issue with. And it's one of those buttery balms you can slap on lips, ankles and elbows. 

As for the Helping Hands; it does exactly what it says on the pot. The smell is somewhat muted with almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, but the texture is brilliant, super creamy leaving my hands feeling as fresh as a daisy. 

I think I need to start rationing my use of these products since I tend to slather on large amounts of cream before bed every night, my pots will be gone before I know it and Lush isn't readily available in Cyprus. Hmmm maybe Lush franchise could be a potential business idea....

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