Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lighting up

Its safe to say christmas time in Cyprus is somewhat different to what London usually has to offer. Firstly the weather doesn't immediately conjure up ideas of a winter wonderland when the skies blue, the sun shines and closet we get to snow is right at the top of Troodos mountains. Although this year the cold weather thats already hit Cyprus has shocked my senses. Maybe its because my body totally acclimatised to average summer temperatures of 30 degrees well into September, but I feel VERY cold already.

And the christmas decorations around the streets here are a little lack luster for my liking. I wasn't expecting anything like Oxford Street scale decorations, but there is barely a whiff of christmas in the air and just a handful of lights adorning lamp posts.

And the christmas windows are nothing compared to London. I know in England we make a huge fuss about christmas and in some ways it has become all too commercial, but there is something about seeing Harrods in emblazoned with lights, or the creativity that unfolds to unveil Selfridges christmas windows that just screams CHRISTMAS to me. And don't even get me started about the John Lewis christmas adverts [thats for another post]

Just a few ideas for the Nicosia municipality......


South Molton Street

Carnaby Street

Oxford Street
[images from google - various internet sites]

Oh how I wish to be in London at this time of year. Given the fact that I will be visiting London in late January, christmas will be a distant dream.....time to start saving the euros for christmas in London 2012.

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