Saturday, 19 November 2011

I need hydration!

I have always been quite good about looking after my skin - exfoliating and moiturising religiously - mainly because I love moisturisers with a passion and the feeling of clean and cleansed skin makes me feel better. Since moving to Cyprus my routines have altered somewhat to accommodate my new weather conditions and eleviate the stress to my skin.

Summers in Cyprus are HOT and with shaving, sunshine, salty sea water and sand its not surprising my skin got very irritated this year. And now with shift of seasons, my skin is crying out for moisture and hydration as it battles with the sudden cold temperatures. Perfect excuse to find a new moisturiser correct!?

Which is where the Garnier Body Pot comes in.

Garnier was one of my favourite beauty brands when I was in England and I know they do their standard size moisturisers - but when I came across this Garnier ΕΝΤΑΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΥΔΑΤΩΣΗ [intensive hydration] Body Pot in the supermarket, I was a little bit excited. Id never seen it before in the UK and it is the perfect size to pop in my handbag, making this multi purpose cream easily accessible for a moisture top up for both hands and body.

This moisturiser has the perfect texture; thicker than a lotion but not as thick as a body butter and I love the indescribable smell it has [I really can't put my finger on it] that brings a feeling of comfort to my nostrils every time I open the lid.

I love Garnier products in general weather for hair care, face or body, due to their nice formulas, yummy smells and affordable pricetag, and this moisturiser is definitely a winner in my eyes. Lotions and potions come with a hefty price tag in Cyprus so you know what I'l be filling my suitcase with on my next visit to England!

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