Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Food is the way to my heart!

I am a foodaholic. Everything to do with food I love! And the best way to make me happy is to ply me with cake. And living in Cyprus, this hasn't diminished. If anything my passion for food has increased. Cypriot culture revolves around food. And I have to say they do know how to make good food here, which is probably the reason im steadily getting larger the longer we live here. I joke, but actually i've lost weight since moving to Cyprus, something which im totally shocked about as I have pretty much eaten continuously since we arrived here 12 months ago. I dont know if its the sunshine, the air of the mediterranean freshness of everything, maybe its even the olive oil, but food here just tastes amazing.

As a foodie I wanted to share this little gem I found recently whilst perusing the internet. Its a fantastic food blog called whipped. This lady is a genius and she has the most amazing food photographs, they literally make my mouth water. And she has some amazing recipes, that I could never master, but I enjoy them all the same. Find it at

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