Friday, 2 April 2010

Paper or Plastic?

actually I'd prefer some leather, croc skin and a few peacock feathers if im honest. but you cant really carry your food shopping in these bad boys. Bags are a fashion staple, a basic and something of a must. For me they are in the same league as a white vest; an essential item. However bags are one step higher up my fashion hierarchy for the functional factor - they hold my things..... and I have a lot of things. 

And there are some much coveted and well crafted brands coming to the forefront of the bag world. While your Mulberry's and Miu Miu's are classics, your Wilbur and Gussie's, Angel Jackson's and Rocio's are your new kids on the block. With peacock feathers, snakeskin and satin, colour and texture are my spring favourite. As long as the sun shines soon. 

Tribal is a trend that will take you from spring to summer effortlessly. These walnut carved clutches are drop, dead, gorgeous. They may be small but they pack a mighty punch. LUST have.

Rocio Honey Clutch 

Rocio Rameses Clutch

K Wick are my new favourite. Made from vintage snake and lizard skin in brighter than the rainbow hues, with gorgeous gold chain and clasp details, I think they are the perfect match for floral frocks. I want the orange. No the blue. Or maybe the orange.....maybe both?

Texture is key in my spring wardrobe. Lace, ruffles, zips, layers. And what a perfect selection of bags from Angel Jackson to compliment my layered up textured outfits. With snakeskin satchels and peacock feather totes and sequin evening bags, its time to take your pick. 

Pearly Queen Satchel

Snakeskin Lianto Bag

Feather Lianto in Black

And her Vintage Collection completely pulls at my heart strings.

Last but not least, if your looking for a clutch look no further than Wilbur & Gussie with their gorgeous bright satin clutches all with quirky details giving them their own personality. My favourites are the orange with the gold turtle and the red "love" clutch. 

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. 

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