Wednesday, 7 April 2010

next to nothing.

The barely there trend is already in full throttle while spring is still somewhat elusive. The high street is teaming with soft tones and beige hues flitting from grey, honey, caramel and biscuit and back to that pinky peach colour I haven't quite put my finger on yet. Equally, the beauty counters have nude tones for nails, lips and cheeks in abundance. I have hopped on the trend with my mink adorned nails [which are currently chip free but who knows how long that will last]. 

But back to the point in hand. Nude is a trend im not sure how to approach. Every hue I have tried on seems to look odd on me. This may be a mental obstacle which is encroaching upon my decision making. I have a penchant for black and grey. Pink, peach caramel and honey are just tones which induce screams from within me. My slightly olive skin and dark hair just don't seem to agree with nude. And images such as the following do not help me in my quest for the perfect colour for my colouring. But as the rain keeps falling, I think I still have time to spare. 

I LOVE these images from CITY magazine. Underwear and outerwear, nudes and soft, romantic lighting induce a dreamlike state. 

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