Tuesday, 23 February 2010


London Fashion Week is unrivaled. You cannot beat it. yeah New York has the glamour and  Paris has the class but London has the EDGE. 

A platform for the most exceptional talent, especially that of young fresh designers, there is a LFW for everyone whether it be ON Schedule at Somerset House, or OFF schedule with Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall and ON/OFF at Victoria House in Bloomsbury. 

once upon a time... ON schedule was where it all happened. But don't underestimate the clout of the OFF schedule gold-mine. It is the place to be. Its where to find the freshest faces. And the future of British Fashion. And the FUTURE IS BRIGHT. 

With designers like David Koma, Louise Amstrup and Ada Zanditon at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Ashley ISham, Bryce and Roksanda Illinic at ON/OFF - the OFF schedule are certainly giving those at Somerset House a run for their money [not to mention the press and buyers who will literally be running between ON and OFF, good job the venues aren't to far from each other!]

And one other thing, fashion is feeling the technological revolution, and what with all the live screenings, I can sit at home on the sofa and get to the shows here and there without any running. lovely. 

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