Monday, 22 February 2010

girl of the MOMENT

olivia palermo is a Manhattan girl with a stylish heart and a fashion head on those rather dainty shoulders. Spotted at many a London Fashion Week show, olivia is best know for her socialite status and for her part on the cast of American reality show following fashionable twenty-somethings, "the city". 

style icon and upper-east side socialite titles firmly in the bag, palermo's sights seem to be set on LONDON - a love affair which is already in full flow after talk of a move across the pond. 
With fashion, seemingly running through her veins, she has now been crowned the spokesmodel for MATCHES label FREDA. have a look at their smart and stylish photo shoot with the new queen of FREDA and a Q&A with the American sweetheart. 

images from the internet

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