Monday, 21 December 2009

"Twiggy: a Life in Photographs"

From the beginning Twiggy had a memorable name and a mesmerising face. The original supermodel, she emerged with that oh so iconic and avant garde hairstyle as the sixties got into full swing. 

One of the first faces of British fashion, twiggy became synonymous with the sixties and the cultural shifts which were creating an enigmatic youth orientated society. Now, the National Portrait Gallery is showing a new photographic exhibition, "Twiggy: A Life In Photographs" to celebrate Twiggy's 60th birthday and the release of a new photographic biography of her life. 

The godmother of Marks and Sparks, Twiggy emerged with that infamous crop and those mascara caked eyes staring through the lens of Barry Lategan's camera, earning her fashion stripes and becoming the worlds first supermodel. 

The National Portrait gallery exhibit runs until the 21st March 2010, and encompasses Twiggys life as a fashion frontrunner from beginning to present day. 

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