Thursday, 3 December 2009

Charlotte Taylor Ltd

Her posts are refreshingly honest and her tone comfortable.She makes you feel right at home reading her blog. Which is a nice feeling. A fresh designer hot on the trail of the fashion furore, Charlotte Taylor is documenting her design journey towards fashions holy grail, February and London Fashion Week, where she will be showcasing her first collection Autumn/Winter 2010. 

Now I haven't seen any of her work, or her designs. But somehow she has me hooked on her journey and i'm intrigued about her collection. I don't know if its the description of herself, "Amid the depths of darkest recession a crazed yet determined girl decided it was an appropriate time to up sticks, leave her job and start up her own fashion label under her own name, and with that CHARLOTTE TAYLOR was born." , the unexpected honesty of her photographs,the fact that she works from the Isle of Wight ( a place which for me has strong memories of family holidays and a little island which I simply adore), or that her collection is inspired by grannies, bird ladies, penguins and much much more. But she has addictive quality in her writing that just makes me want to know more.


Have a look at her blog. You'll feel right at home. 

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