Saturday, 26 December 2009

girl crush

In all fairness i'm a little late in jumping on the  Emma Watson for BURBERRY bandwagon, because to be completely honest, she was always Hermione Granger to me. Now the fresh faced Harry Potter actress, has become a British fashion figurehead.

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  At the tender age of 19, she has developed a beautiful public persona and a stunning portfolio which have turned her from frumpy teenage
wizard, into fashion follower. Spotted on many a front row at some of fashion's most fabulous shows, Watson has become a regular face in the glossy magazines and fashion feature pages. Who would have thought such a unsuspecting little actress would blossom into a beautiful young women right in front of our eyes. And with such a humble attitude, she is a breath of fresh air for her generation. 
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And then BURBERRY went and snapped her up as the face of the heritage brand's A/W 09/10 collection. Looking sophisticated and sexy with her pale skin, smokey eyes and classic BURBERRY trench and checks, Watson earned her fashion stripes among many, and gave the classic British look a young, modern fresh feeling. 


From Hermione Granger, to BURBERRY brand ambassador, Emma Watson has wowed us with her outfits, her outlook and her delicate and humble beauty. At just 19, she has the world, and BURBERRY, at her fingertips.

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