Monday, 19 January 2015

Good intentions mean nothing....

I had such good intentions for 2015 and the blog, and so far I have fallen at pretty much every hurdle. I have spoken many times before about wanting to get back on the blogging horse and for one reason or another I never seem to quite make it. Which leaves me wondering my motivation has gone?

This blog used to be updated daily. It was my release after a day of work but I now spend my days writing and this must have had an impact on some level. Now it seems that I get my release after a day at work, from the gym of all places. Which is doing wonders for my fitness and it was about time I took my fitness a bit more seriously but that means the blog has become an afterthought again.

And I am usually so organised. I used to have a notebook that had ideas and notes about blog posts. I used to schedule posts days in advance after a mammoth writing session but that doesn't happen anymore either. I promised myself I wouldn't too hard on myself but it's difficult when my blog used to so abundant with content and I used to look forward to writing it.

Well the only person to blame is myself so let's see how the rest of 2015 pans out. Maybe my motivation is lurking behind February's door.

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  1. I have been having the same issue the past few months. I want to write and have all these notes around the house but lets just say I have been a bit lazy lately. I hope I will snap out of it soon. Best of luck with yours as well.


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