Tuesday, 20 January 2015

First visitors

This morning, my first visitors land in Dubai and I am filled with excitement, anticipation and nerves. The nerves mainly brought on by the ridiculous weather that battered Dubai yesterday. I mean the last thing you want is for visitors to arrive from chilly London and be greeted by torrential rain, extreme wind and thunder. But hey, mother nature is unpredictable right. Fingers crossed she gets her act together. 

I am excited to have three familiar faces crash land on me from London because christmas was a good two weeks ago and obviously I didn't get to spend proper time with them because of all the festive obligations. To spend evenings with friends I used to see everyday through our university days is going to be blissful and I am pretty sure I wont want them to leave. 

Im nervous to host my first guests in a new city, one which I am still discovering. I am a worrier and I worry that people wont have a nice time. But half of the reason they are coming is to see me and the other is to see Dubai, so at least if they're are disappointed with Dubai, which I am sure they wont be, they get to see my silly smiling face. Now I just need to juggle work and three beautiful blondes landing shortly and we will be fine. 

I will say one thing though, I am organised for their arrival; a freshly cut spare key and a fully charged phone with credit and apps ready for them to explore the city with. I figured if I cant explore with them at least give them google maps so they have at least half a chance of not getting lost!


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