Saturday, 27 December 2014

fishermen for the morning

One of the things I like the most about Dubai is the endless activities. Ok I know I come from London where we also have a huge amount of choice but I think because it is so cold and rainy and my salary at the time did not allow for great adventures, I never really took advantage of the options available.

Now every weekend we are guaranteed good weather and every month a tax free income we are making the most of the activities on offer. So a few weekends ago we turned fisherman from the morning and hopped on a little boat with a great group of people and headed out to the high seas.

We cruised into the endless blue ocean for about 20 minutes and by the time we stopped in our destination there was nothing around us except sea and items blissful. The peace and quiet, only broken by our laughter and shouting at fish (because as mostly girls on the boat, we thought this was the best way to catch them) which our crew found hilarious.

So it seems like you need to have patience for fishing, which most of us don't have. The ones that perservered, which surprisingly included me, were mostly successful in our hunt for fish. While I didn't catch a single fish, not even a baby one I actually had fun. We didn't go home empty handed though. A total of 6 fish were caught which we were pretty happy with.

Out of the 8 of us I was the only one who didn't get struck by seasickness. Which is a miracle in itself.

To get out of the city and escape the hustle and bustle of life in Dubai was just what I needed. Anyone in dubai who needs an escape, I would definitely recommend a boat trip!

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