Tuesday, 16 December 2014

a disorganised expat

I'm usually so organised and pride myself on my lists, well any excuse for buying new stationary right. But Dubai has done something to me and I no longer have my ducks in a row so to speak.

My diary and notebook have been relegated to the back of the shelf and the blog, birthdays and correspondence have all felt the effect of my lack of structure. A busy work/life situation have meant other commitments in life, which aren't necessarily commitments more like choices have well, fallen by the wayside. I am not happy about this situation since I used to pride myself on my together-ness but as the weeks pass by I have almost come to accept that not everything can be conquered and priorities have changed.

I feel like I am having a inner battle with myself at the moment, trying to accept my new position and slightly fighting it in the same breath. I feel a New Years resolution coming on.

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