Wednesday, 5 February 2014

the downside to adult life

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Adult life is a little scary. When your a kid, you always want to grow up faster. And when you get there, you suddenly realise that you should have treasured those worry free early days more than you did. Because adult life involves decisions; decisions which may be right or wrong, but ones you and you alone have to make.

Over the past few weeks I have had those oh my god moments of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. There have been scribbles on note pads, to do lists and long distance skype conversations. And all because we are at a time in our adult lives when some serious decisions must be made and how can you know if your making the right one. 

All a little cryptic I know, but the full account of said situation will all become clear at some point. For now I just needed to use this rather neglected blog space to share all the whirling thoughts I have in my head. 

And I know, I really must do better with the blog posts right; February was a slow starter to say the least. 


  1. Major decisions can be so hard! I hope they're coming together for you!

    1. I know can't they! Especially when international time zones, long distance relAtionships and moving are concerned. I hate the thought of packing. Haha

  2. what decisions are you talking about? we, your friends can help you...


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