Monday, 17 February 2014

eat cake for breakfast


Sometimes I really feel like I was born in the wrong generation. My grandmothers' generation didn't worry about calories, fats, portion sizes, the dimensions of their plate, the amount of tea or coffee they drank nor did they spend hours trawling the internet to find the quick remedies for bloating, fast weight loss or how to cut out carbs. Mainly because they weren't bombarded everyday with this stuff. 

No, my grandmother's idea of healthy eating is a plate that has meat, potatoes and vegetables. And there was always a desert on her table after dinner. No one ever told her that the chocolate pudding should have been made with dark chocolate because it is better for her or that she should have used less butter. 

Oh the good old days. The again those were days where smoking was encouraged and medicine wasn't as developed, yet they were still healthy and happy right.

Part of me feels like the world has got a little too consumed with certain things. This is coming after reading this article, which I totally enjoyed and agreed with from beginning to the end. "I dont count calories. I dont track carbs. And I seriously couldn't care less about how much fat I eat". She sounds like my kinda girl. 

Joking aside there are some really valuable points in this article which could help a lot of people if they just took a step back from the diet pages of the women's magazines. Because really, who can live off those meal plans they put in there anyway....

An interesting point in this article is that after years of dieting and chasing the dream of "thin" she realised she was tired of being hungry. Well I hate being hungry for one day let alone a few years. I think growing up I was lucky to have a mother who put balanced and yummy meals in front of us. But I think a really important thing is that I never heard my mother complain about her weight; I never saw her sucking her stomach in or getting upset whilst standing on the scales. And I am so thankful for that. Because I have a really basic attitude to food. I like food. If I want to eat I will. And I have curvy figure; an ass and wide hips and a little wobbly stomach that I am ok with. 

Because you know what, I would rather eat the 4th or 5th oreo cookie than not because I think it will affect my chances of being stick thin. Because shockingly enough, my body will never be stick thin because of it's structure. And I am ok with that too. 

I would much rather look like Kate Winslet than Kate Moss. 

So, read the article. Take from it what you will. And stop worrying so much. Life is too short to put the oreo cookies down. 


  1. Definitely eat cake for breakfast. I make healthy, balanced meals. I use butter. There's always dessert at our house, always, always, always. I try to make as much as I can from scratch, not because it's healthier but because I like to and I enjoy it. I never weigh myself. We have a healthy lifestyle (in that we walk and swim and move our bodies a lot), but that has just happened naturally, it wasn't forced. But at the same time I feel for smaller women like me who are this way naturally, who often get cast aside as unhealthy, unnatural. Over the years I've decided to just concentrate on what I'm doing and not worry about everyone else. It's hard but it works. In the's 8.51am I haven't had breakfast and there's a beautifully frosted orange cake on my kitchen counter....have a great week lovely xoxox

    1. How was the orange cake......? Technically it's fruit so it can pass for breakfast. Totally agree with you about walking and moving, it certainly makes up for all the food I consume. :)

  2. My grandmother would literally eat dessert before her meal to make sure she had room for it. No skipping dessert for her and I don't remember a day of her being overweight. I would rather run twice a day in order to be healthy and happy than put the Oreos down and be skinny and miserable. Great post!

    1. Your grandmother sounds like my kinda lady!! I think you have a great attitude to food; eat what makes you happy and do a little activity to counteract those oreas. Oh wow I love oreos. There is a bakery her in Cyprus that makes fantastic creamy oreo deserts. I think they are my weakness.


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