Friday, 26 October 2012

blue sky and rain clouds

This week in Cyprus, the weather systems have been out of control to say the least. Mornings are cool and fresh, midday is sunny with clear skies, afternoon brings the black clouds and wind and evening offers an array of thunder, lightening, rain and positively chilly temperatures. 

This afternoon I walked the pooch; walking down the street all I could see was this....

...but as the pooch stopped to sniff some grass, I turned around and up the street, behind our apartment I was confronted with a totally different season encroaching on our Friday afternoon.

Not only is it playing havoc with my mental health but with my wardrobe too. How are you supposed to dress for work when its summer and winter in one day? I really wish the weather would make up its mind; either let go of summer entirely, or restore it to its former glory please.

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  1. hum we have had a couple of days like that recently here in Brisbane.
    The one day I don't bring a sweater with me to work just in case I end up having to walk home in the rain.


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