Wednesday, 29 December 2010

foot prints.

My boyfriend is a self confessed trainer enthusiast. I have spent countless hours in various shoe shops, waiting patiently as he swoons over ridiculously expensive trainers in a a vast array of colours and styles. And every christmas and birthday his request is the same. Trainers. Now something must have rubbed off on me over the past six years because I find myself living in my Vans recently (and I am not a trainer fan but I am slowly coming round to his comfortable way of thinking). Ask anyone who knows me.....I am not a trainer person.

While my enthusiasm for such practical footwear is out-shined by my better half penchant for such shoes, the writer in me appreciates NIKE's 2011 effort with their Premium Print Pack. With a nod to the eco trend and references to the unravelling print world of today, I am rather impressed with their creations. Not that i'll be defaulting from my Vans for a pair of these mind.

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